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In a male-dominated industry, we are a proudly female-owned and operated business. Our story begins with Arlene Wilson, who started as a sales rep at another printing company.

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Mona Graphic Printers Company Limited was established in January 1995 as a commercial offset printing company. It started with a small rented office space at 14 Arnold Road in Kingston under the leadership of Arlene Wilson, a print industry sales representative. Her initial goal was to print envelopes for the Telecommunications of Jamaica/TOJ company (currently Flow). However, with the constant encouragement and support of her friends and clients, the company rapidly expanded and began acquiring new machinery to reduce the outsourcing of jobs and offer more services.

As the business grew, MGP rented more space at Arnold Road until there was no more space left. In 2002, Ms. Wilson purchased the property at our current location, 15 Cunningham Avenue, Kgn. 6. In 2018, MGP began expanding its physical office space on the same property, and the expansion was completed in 2019. The new building and newly acquired Heidelberg five-color press were unveiled at the beginning of 2020. Today, we are a full-service print shop that can handle all your print needs on almost any medium, from paper and banner products to bottles and keychains. 

Unfortunately, we lost our beloved CEO on August 6, 2023. This was a major blow to our team, but we continue to push forward on the platform of excellence Ms. Wilson created and hope to take her legacy further. The board of directors now comprises Danielle Muir, Managing Director, and Ralston Cohall, our senior pressman since 1997. Our team has over thirty-five full-time employees, many of whom have also been with us for more than two decades. We look forward to continuous growth and creating something worthy of Ms. Wilson's high standards of approval. 

"There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they are gone, the light remainds". 

We love and miss you Ms. Wilson. 



To become the leading printing company in Jamaica by providing high-quality services in an environmentally friendly workplace, with a dedicated and motivated workforce.


We specialize in offset printing, but we also provide a comprehensive range of printing services to help our clients effectively communicate and promote their brand on various platforms like flyers, posters, banners and signs. As an independent entity, we offer a complete package of printing-related services, including graphic design, plate output, printing, folding, and more.

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Our client base includes government entities, manufacturing companies, financial institutions, educational institutions, and religious organizations. Our clients include PICA, Allied Insurance, and ICWI.

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